What is iTracking in skugal erp

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Download on the
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What is iTracking in skugal erp

To start with iTracking in skugal erp enter the Url in Google search bar https://dashboard.skugal.com and Follow Certain steps to see the flow of How iTracking works in Skugal ERP;

Go to https://dashboard.skugal.com/#/login.

Login with Your Skugal Admin Credentials.

Click on "Live Tracking" on the Sidebar.

Here an Admin can see the List of Drivers and the Routes Assigned to that Particular Driver.

Click on the "Live" Button of Particular Route Assigned to a Particular Driver.

You will get the timeline for the Real-time Route your Driver has taken, Here the Black circle denotes the "Stop" point of Driver.

The History of Previous Trips your Driver has taken can be seen in the table below.

Admin can Add New Driver, Edit The Driver Details and Remove the driver from here.

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