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How to Assign Teacher from Skugal ERP

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How To Assign Teacher From Skugal ERP

How to Assign Teacher from skugal ERP

How to Assign Teacher from Skugal ERP enter the Url in Google searchbar Follow the steps below to Assign Teacher to a particular class ;

  • Go to Skugal School Admin Dashboard.
  • Click on “Class management’’ on the Side Bar.
  • Enter the name of Teacher You want to Assign Class in the Filter Box.
  • You will get the Teacher Name Below.
  • Click on the "Change or Assign Teacher".
  • Popup will open to change the class or switch the teacher between classes.
  • Select the Teacher's name from the drop-down and click on the "Save Changes" button. An Alert message will get displayed below before assigning, just to confirm whether you want to change or not.
  • Click on "Yes".
  • You will see, New Teacher has been assigned for that particular Class.
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