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What is Fee Management in Skugal ERP?

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Fee Management in Skugal ERP?

Fee Management in Skugal ERP?

To start with How to manage the fees of students from SkuGal ERP, enter the Url in Google searchbar You need to follow the steps below:

  • All the details of the students will get displayed as per their payment status.
  • From here You can pay the Due Amount of the particular student and also can make the advance payment if paid earlier by their parents.
  • A receipt/bill can be printed or can download any time in the form of pdf.
  • After payment successfully, a notification has been sent to the parent regarding successful payment and a pdf gets generated automatically
  • Click on the Tab "Student Due Fees", to check the list of students having Pending Payment.🡪.
  • click on "Invoice Details" Tab, for an update in Bank Details of Your School.
  • The invoice of all students in one single file can be generated on click "Generate Invoice of All Students" in Custom Settings Tab.
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