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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality short termed as VR is using computer technology to form a simulated environment.

It is the creation of an artificial atmosphere that is created with the help of software’s and put out in such a way that the user would accept it as a real world. It is experienced by the user by two of the five senses that human has that is sight and sound.It makes the user to experience literally anything. Anywhere and at any point. It is capable of taking the human mind somewhere else while being some where very different, it has this power of technology to convince even the human mind.

There are four key elements of virtual reality experience,
which creates the whole thing:

  • Virtual world.
  • Immersion
  • Sensory feedback
  • Interactivity

Virtual world
it is a three-dimensional environment which is typically realized with the help of a medium be it rendering, display, etc. where you being the user get to interact with others and form objects as a part on the interaction. There are lot of changes in the movement due to the visual perspectives.

it is the thought of being physically present and that too in a non-physical world. There is a sense of presence.

Sensory feedback
it also involves sensory feedback that is achieved with the help of integrated hardware and software’s which are also called as inputs.

Interactivity is a very important part in the virtual reality as it is the only way users get enough reliance and comfort naturally which make them active in the engagement with the virtual environment. As when the virtual environment is responding well to the actions of the user, there is a sense of excitement in the user and there will be the sense of immersion which is needed.

How Virtual Reality help in Education?

Virtual reality (VR) can be for everyone, it is actually going to be for everyone. It allows students to go somewhere they would not normally be able to go for example- come in front of a share being under water, on the top of any tallest tower, or at the great wall of china.

You get to actually understand wat you are being taught of. What situation you are being put into, also there would be a sense of presence of the person which would not be possible to understand otherwise being in the classroom as always.

  • It is really enriching than just showing the photographs to the students or just having the students read about anything.
  • The device like virtual reality head set actually takes your skull to places that the students can never be on and experience the moments and the exact feelings they would feel when they are there with the help of virtual reality.
  • It brings the lesson to the students and you get to see and believe what you are studying and learning of.
  • This gives a whole new level of experience to the earners.
  • It helps in believing about the content.
  • Virtual reality is going to completely revolutionize science education. It can make any science teacher more than twice or thrice effective. As today science is so vitally important, the world is expanding and growing incredibly at a higher pace.
  • Normally in classrooms students are bored, or disengaged and most of the times they are not even sure why are they learning about a particular topic which is being discussed in the class room. So, it needs to have an innovative teaching method. We can build a virtual laboratory simulator where students can perform experiments with mathematical equations and that will give you a real-world lab experience.

Benefits of Virtual Reality:

The roots of virtual reality lie in the combination of 3-D images (still), instruction that is computer assisted, computer gaming, equipment simulators, and experience in entertainment. There are endless benefits of virtual reality.

  • VR brings the students to a very different world, give them another level of understanding, just in the classroom.
  • Virtual reality experience help providing ways of modeling complex task performance behaviors, many of them are carrying life or death risks in real life learning.
  • So instead of keeping a novice driver behind the wheel, a virtual reality simulator helps the user to let him learn basics without putting the user, others or even property in any danger.
  • Students who learn at different paces and different ways, virtual reality help those to learn as they like to.
  • It makes learning fun as virtual reality makes the class room interesting again. It helps in bringing the lessons to life for the students. Students also get to experience hands-on, there is real life encounters too to help them prepare in a better way for the future.
  • Virtual learning also helps students to prepare themselves for the future workforce by teaching them real life skills and technicalities.
  • It also promotes curiosity and creativity. It gives the power in the hand of the user and the learner. They are allowed to take the decisions and make adjustments as per their choices. Students do experiment with their creativity, they are fascinated by their curiosity to learn, and how things work differently for different topics and related stuff. So virtual reality education is really effective and is a very positive approach in bridging the gaps of learners.

How Virtual Reality improves IQ of students?

There are several studies done just to state that virtual reality is a great option for people who want to learn better through the virtual environment and immersive environment, as opposed to the platforms which are used traditionally for ex- a 2D desktop computer / system or may be hand held tablet.

Virtual reality can really make a person better, smarter and fitter. Recent studies also indicate that a student who is learning in virtual learning platform performs far better in their tests, and overall performances than those who are learning in typical traditional environments.

The potential virtual learning has been really helpful in accelerating and improving the learning and knowledge retention spans. This really take the advantage of the human brain’s ability to organize the thoughts and memories. Humans learn better when they use visual based method for the same to help them remember the information and data. As we all know we learn better when we see it, we are always told this in our childhood to try this technique to learn in a better way.

There is a possibility that when a person is using virtual learning experiences an immersive virtual word and that enhances their learning and they can recall by leveraging the person’s overall sense of body movement, body position, and the motion and acceleration.

It definitely makes a person super active, smarter and intelligent. The physical presence through the virtual learning is a very important factor which gives better memorization of the details and the information.Immersive environments offer new and great pathways for the improved outputs in the field of education and any high proficiency training. All these descriptions only state a single thing about virtual learning and that is it surely increases the IQ levels of the learners and the students as well.

Introducing Skugal Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality might be the next logical step you need to take in the progression, and we at skugal help you to take that step and help you in the best possible way. We provide the best virtual reality services. virtual reality is our strength, you can surely trust us for the services. we have always been the first choice for the virtual learning solutions and expertise for the customers. Our experienced customers always appreciated our work and inputs.

Skugal is one of the most active players in virtual reality-based system integration,application development, and product development. We are working hard and very actively on training / learning applications, virtual interactive experience applications, Interactive visualization and marketing applications. We even work as per the need of the client and customer. Our services are customizable to the specific needs of clients and customers.

We are working with the leaders in the education field, e commerce, and many other industries. We work to create cutting edge applications in VR virtual reality that is helping the enterprises in the reduction of the simulation costs and in the creation of wow factor for the clients and the customers. Our virtual learning-based applications at skugal make the whole experience of learning very practical and efficient.

You would keep the information feed in your memory for the later use with us being you source of experience. We all know there are few concepts which appear to be dry in theory and they tend to fail to attract online learners’ attention for more than a few minutes to say, so virtual reality comes to make the data and information more interesting by adding practicality with practical applications and immersion to e-learning.

We offer industrial virtual learning solutions,retail virtual learning solutions,immersive experience apps 360 degree video integration, demand / sales forecasting. Choose Skugal to Get the Best and Great Expertise.

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