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School and parents in connecting loop all the time

Skugal parent is an impressive and intelligent online parent-school communication channel. The next generation of education requires a collaborative and collective approach based on an integrated digital network between parents, teachers, educators, students, and administrators.

Today parents have No time to look after their children’s academic activities and keep pace with their academic activities and standing. Parents are believed as the first teacher and mentors of their children

The effective and regular communication between parents and school precedes with improved learning outcomes from the students. Study shows that constant parental engagement in their child school activities increases their child performance, learning, achievement, conduct and much more.

S tudents whose parents are more engaged and involved are prone to have higher self-esteem, discipline, motivation and tend to perform well. The constant communication and engagement of parents with the School accelerate the student’s educational development. Having understood the significance and importance of this fact, the “Skugal Parent's Management System” is a connecting loop where the parents can get duly engaged and well informed about the child’s performance in the school.

Skugal Parents Management System comes with power-packed features and real-time access to the information. Schools can effectively communicate with their parents and manage their information online. This information can be used to keep parents well informed about their child’s attendance, academic reports, examination schedules, fees dues, holidays and events.

All sorts of data are backed up on online servers, ensuring security. Moreover, cloud-based ERP makes it possible to have a real-time update.

Some highlighting features and functions of Parents Management provided by Skugal parent are:

1: View parent information with details like name, address, and contact number. This centralized database can be accessed anytime to locate and get in touch with parents.

2: Send notification through SMS, Email and Mobile Apps to parents about school events and activities, fee payment reminders, holidays notification or any other important communication.

3: A search facility is available to interactively search parents based on multiple parameters.

4: Parent's information can be edited or deleted as and when required to keep the updated information available on time every time.

5: Parent-teacher meetings (PTM), Test and result information and other notification can be scheduled by the class teacher and send to the parents effortlessly.

Teacher, Student and parent Tripod is a pillar to the education system. Skugal parent developed to empower this tripod. As every child is important, the Skugal Parent's Management System enables technology-driven features to ensure parental involvement in a child’s education.

Skugal is a cloud-based ERP equipped with new-age technologies like virtual reality to connect School, students, teachers, and parents. This bridge the gap between school and parents and helps them to come closer to the overall development and involvement of the student.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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