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Get unlimited classroom facilities and many more on skugal virtual classroom

SkuGal Online Virtual Classroom

Automatic video & audio quality

To ensure that the video conference stays on and you are connected despite fluctuations in connection.

Live Chat

Live chat during online classrooms makes it easier for students to pose questions or discuss something with.

Private Classes

Skugal also offers the ability to conduct private tutoring between a teacher and a student which can.

Group Class

Online classes taken of a group can help teachers finish up with teaching in a more effective manner as.

Share files

Skugal also lets teachers send assignment work, worksheets, study material and other media files, related to academics.

Class Recap

Sometimes, it’s not possible to cover all the topics in one session which can mean that there is unfinished topics from last class.


The online classes can be taken by teachers and watched by students on any of the following, devices (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS).


Keep track, plan ahead and organise your class schedule using Skugal’s calendar that lets you schedule , classes and sync them .

Class Report

Not only does Skugal facilitate video conferencing for classes, it also tracks attendance of students,


Teachers can use Skugal online classes to assign homework for the class or give individual homework to.

Student Profiles

Every information on a student in one place using student profiles, Automatically group them class- -wise and section-wise.

Go Live

Live class sessions are facilitated so that students can get solutions and their questions.


Organize, categorize and archive your study material so that navigating to it and accessing.

Recorded Sessions

Store recorded class to provide them to students when they wish to access it.

Quizzes and tests

Take tests online and quiz students in groups online to assess their learning curve, growth.

Safe for students

Skugal does not provide any data on parents and students to any third party so the parents.


Provide PDFs and e-books on academic books that are part of a student’s curriculum.


Provide summary on course and curriculum so that parents and students are better prepared , for next term

Custom names

Teachers have the ability to name each online class session. This comes in handy as it removes confusion and a teacher can easily label each session.


To inform parents and students about the upcoming class, beginning of a class and end of a class, Skugal sends an instant notification.

Student list

Teachers receive a list of students that have joined the online class. The list updates in real- -time and informs who has joined or left the virtual class immediately.

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