Eliminating a parent’s concern while making a
driver’s job hassle-free by Skugal Driver.

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Download on the
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Download on the google Play

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Driver and Parents in Connecting loop all the Time

Skugal Driver App

Eliminating a parent’s concern while making a driver’s job hassle-free by Skugal Driver. Skugal Driver ensures the bus is being tracked and provides real-time needs.

How Skugal benefits Drivers:

Skugal aims to make parents feel assured about their child’s safety but Skugal understands how hectic it can be for a driver to drive properly in traffic with constant calls coming from concerned parents about the location of their child and with no realistic way of picking those calls.

How to install Skugal Driver App

Skugal Driver is an impressive and intelligent online parent-driver communication channel. Driver can track its location and can add stop anytime.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and in Search Box ,Type "Skugal Driver".

Step 2: Click on Install Button, Wait for a while and let the app to install in your Phone.

Step 3: Now Skugal Driver App get installed in Your Phone.

How Skugal Driver App benefit the Parents Skugal is the bridge between parents and driver.

Skugal Driver Driver can now communicate directly with the parents. Parents gets the safety assurance of their child while travelling from school to home or vice versa.

How to Login Skugal Driver App

SkuGal Driver App has a various feature which you can access after login only. So, here are the steps you need to follow to login Driver app;

Step 1: Open the Skugal Driver App.

Step 2: Enter Driver Mobile No then click on Login Securely and wait for the OTP.

Step 3: Once OTP has been received input your OTP and Click on Proceed.

Step 4 You have been Successfully Logged in Skugal Driver's App, Welcome to SkuGal Driver's App Home Page.

How skugal benefit the Parents Send Notification to the Parent directly, Track you, child, in real-time.

Skugal Driver also eliminates the security issue of the child as parent can track their child live.

Download the SkuGal App Now!

Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

Download on the Google Play