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SkuGal iTracking we never miss any student and we do not disturb if he is not in the bus.

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Being a parent is one of the most challenging tasks where you automatically list many priorities for your child. But among all, keeping your child safe & secure is undoubtedly top's the list because there are multitudes of reasons around us that make us concerned.

As a parent, you don't want your child to remain unsupervised but this is also true you can't be with them always especially when they are in school.

Although school management put full efforts to keep all kids safe but still there is one area where a slight mistake can lead to a disastrous situation i.e. transportation.

To address the same Skugal brings the most innovative cloud-based iTracking application with assorted features & functionality, which is not available with any other tracking devices.

What makes iTracking different from other tracking devices is its core idea of Connectivity with parents and school management. With other GPS enabled tracking devices you can only track but iTracking is more communicative as it allows you to experience the same.

iTracking app can be downloaded easily from the Play Store or App Store on your Smartphone but can only be activated or accessed through a special invite code, which is provided by the school management to parents.

Keeping an eye on your child has never been more easy & simple as it is with the iTracking app.

With the iTracking app, you don’t need to get bothered about your kid's transport whereabouts. Once your child is on the school bus, iTracking automatically gets switched on and enables the parents or school authority to conveniently track the movement of transport vehicles in real-time.

Another broader aspect associated with iTracking is the “Notifications” feature which is not available with other tracking devices.

Notifications functionality constantly updates the parents about the location of the transport, pick/drop, traffic delays, any breakdowns, route change, or the happening of any natural hazards. Not only this, but parents are also allowed to monitor the speed of the vehicle and how much time is spent on each stop, which restricts the unnecessary delays by the drivers.

School bus iTracking App from Skugal is built with smart technology that offers a precise and accurate passage of kids on school transport.

iTracking means Peace Of Mind!

Neither school management nor parents want to deal with any unfortunate incident that not only is stressful but unbearable too. The use of Skugal’s iTracking app in school management allows you to offer the most efficient, secured, safest, and transparent transport system.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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