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Welcome to Skugal iProfiling

iProfiling in SkuGal is a system where all the information related to students are stored, monitored, retrieved and analyzed.

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Genius School ERP to achieve management simplicity.

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iProfiling – Personalized | Analyzed | Monitored

Enhanced & Individualized Approach For Reaching Students!

School management always tries to find effective ways and means to improve the relationship between students, teachers, and parents as it helps to create a long-lasting and positive implications in the academic framework as well as socially.

To start, they need to have students' data in a usable format. Collecting student's data may be easy but putting it in the required format is a tedious and challenging task. What if you get an AI-enabled solution for this? Yes, the solution is there Skugal's iProfiling application of a school management system that has everything for you under one umbrella.

iProfiling - A Strong, Constructive, and Engaged Solution

Data of each student is saved as an individual profile under a iProfiling application that can be easily accessed and used collectively in the future for different scenarios. The data in the iProfiling is secured using the most advanced security measures.

  • Convenience at Its Best
  • No matter what kind of requirement you have iProfiling allows using different filters to sort and access the data without any difficulty. Having everything on one single platter is what everyone looks for in this technological diverse environment and iProfiling does the same for school management.

    iProfiling allows you to update the student's activity or test or exam data daily which makes it up-to-date and helps students to view their progress on an immediate basis. This further aids the students to do corrective action plans for improving their results. This also lists down the completed and pending lecture lists of daily lessons that enable the students and teachers to plan accordingly to cover the syllabus on-time.

    iProfiling is an AI-enabled school management system application which uses advanced AI-based factors and parameters to assess individual student. Information or data of this is utilized by teachers and parents to see where and why the student is lacking in specific subjects and how they can be helped.

    As every activity related to the student is made available on iProfiling, thus students can also see and are allowed to download their extracurricular certificates.

    School bus iTracking app from Skugal is built with smart technology that offers a precise and accurate passage of kids on school transport.

    iProfiling Means Utmost Security

    iProfiling app comes with a unique feature of "Generate ID" where the student's id card can be generated online with special bar code, specific for each student, scanning which will give the complete details of the student on one screen. iProfiling application means high-quality, safe, transparent, reliable, and effective functioning of school management software.

    iProfiling app allows Extended Thinking, Assessment, and Analysis.

    Skugal's iProfiling app powered with AI-technology allows schools to develop and sustain strong and connected relationships among students, teachers, and parents.

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    Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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