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With the education system constantly aligning itself with the rising technology

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It’s the 21 st century we are living in with technology at its peak. Technology needs to be used in various platforms for creating less of human error and more efficiency in a place like school or college, where management has to be perfect for smooth functioning.

We are talking about the School ERP system wherein we’d particularly discuss the “iManage” module in a school management software. The iManage is one of the many modules used in cloud based ERP software to conduct management effectively.

“Key features of Skugal iManage”

  • Beginning from the admission process of a student, iManage of the school management system helps in collecting and storing all databases like student’s name, number, parents’ name, occupation of parents, blood group, and other important pointers. This particularly reduces less paper work by the college authorities and less hassle by the students and parents of standing in long queues for filling up admission details. It also involves more efficiency on the school management’s side since they are saved from not creating errors and managing the databases of plenty of students on just a single file.
  • Timetable is one of the crucial aspects in an education system and iManage exactly does that. It manages the time table of students by sending them their daily schedule, helpful for both students and teachers to keep a tab of their subjects to be read that particular day.
  • iManage of the cloud based ERP software aids in chalking out the syllabus for each year and helping the students as well as the teachers to keep a track of their yearly course.
  • Giving ID cards personally with each of the student’s full bio data in such a huge educational institution is difficult. Therefore, iManage helps in storing all the data and with just a simple bar code scanner, can scan the ID card of students and acquire all data, which is easy for both school authorities and the students.
  • Managing students’ attendance is another huge issue to deal with and that too on a daily basis. With iManage, the parents and teachers can easily keep a tab on the students’ attendance, can revive it whenever needed if any problem arises. This feature helps the teachers also to concentrate on their teaching rather than keeping a tab on their students’ attendance manually.
  • In order to send the same notice or SMS or email to all the students in a school on the same day, iManage comes in handy. With just a single click, iManage sends the same notice, without any error to all the respective parents and students.
  • Keeping a check on the child’s progress is extremely important. iManage shows complete information of the child’s academic report to parents, students and their teachers and therefore a complete transparency is maintained between the three of them. If a child isn’t showing progress, by seeing the marks, he or she can be encouraged by the parents and teachers.
  • All the assignments and homeworks can be seen and sent through iManage by the teachers to parents and students ensuring smooth functioning and progress of the student.
  • Through iManage, teachers can plan their daily lessons for the week, helping both the students and teachers read and keep a track of the chapters being taught in class. Also students can see if they have missed out on any portion in the subject through the iManage module.
  • The academic calendar in iManage of the school management software mentions all the important events happening or about to happen in school. This module lets you even add some more events if needed and lets the school and students manage their work accordingly.
  • Wishing the students personally by the school every year isn’t possible manually. The Birthday module iManage helps in sending personalized message to each student respectively on their birthday which also adds a personal touch from the school authorities.
  • Another feature which comes extremely useful is Exam Hall seating arrangement. This feature helps the students to have a look at their seating arrangement in a particular class for their respective exam that day, prior only, reducing the hassle of searching for their rooms and saving time for last minute revision. It’s also helpful for the school authorities to mark attendance for students seated in each class, causing efficient management.
  • Every school is proud of their alumni and through iManage School management software the school can keep the alumni connected to school even after decades of students passing out.
  • The library due date system in iManage school management software helps students to remind them of their due date of book submission saving students from paying fine.

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