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With the education system constantly aligning itself with the rising technology

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With the Education system constantly aligning itself with the rising technology, it also becomes essential to replace the traditional attendance marking methods with the new and advanced attendance management system.

Educational institutions have a huge number of faculties and students. Thus collecting attendance manually and then maintaining its data on paper is quite a cumbersome task for the authorities. The traditional methods of collecting and storing the attendance data need a makeover in the form of iAttendance. Yes! iAttendance is a tech-enabled attendance management system that removes the loopholes and drawbacks faced by teachers, parents and students with the manual attendance process. However, in order to fully understand how a solution like iAttendance can help, let us first understand the challenges which educational institutions face with manual attendance marking.

  • Teachers
  • Attendance management is usually a challenging job for teachers. They are required to put the attendance records on paper which becomes very time consuming and tedious for them. In many cases even the teachers are confused with the large number of manual records. The activities of marking attendance and recording wastes a lot of time which could be otherwise used in a productive manner by the teachers. while eliminating disruption from slowing the learning process. Classroom management software helps out in the formation of a class environment meant for an effective learning experience for students.

  • School
  • Maintaining a huge record of attendance registers and sorting them to track a particular student’s attendance in times of need is not easy in the traditional attendance management system. Problems associated with traditional attendance management systems are a threat to the school safety as even after giving attendance, the student may go out of the school premises which is extremely difficult to detect. It completely weakens the school’s system. And not only the students, but this can also happen with the teachers as well. Thus, in the absence of iAttendance software, chances of security lapses are always there.

  • Parents
  • As soon as the child leaves home for school, the parents worry about their safety. They want to monitor the child but are unable to do so without any attendance management system. A School Management System like iAttendance by Skugal is here to solve all these issues in the following ways:

  • Save Time & Efforts
  • iAttendance by Skugal offers a paperless attendance management system. This School Management Software is the most convenient and easy way to maintain attendance and also helps in sorting it quickly in times of need. The efforts of teachers are reduced considerably as the attendance system is fully automated.

  • Low Error Rates
  • Under this feature, the school uses facial-recognition to mark a student’s attendance. Making use of the fastest growing error-free face-recognition biometric technology, Skugal ensures that the security measures see a complete uplift and school gets access to more security measures and get notified about the student’s presence in the premises. With manual recognition done at the gate by the school guards prone to human errors, this face recognition tech automates the process of identification.

  • Real Time Access
  • All the school attendance data is recorded, updated and is available with real-time tracking. So if you are connected to any Cloud based Management Software you can access it anytime from anywhere. This helps the parents get notified as soon as the attendance is marked.

  • Accurate
  • The iAttendance software by Skugal is far more accurate than the manual attendance marking methods which are prone to human errors. As soon as the student enters the school gate, their attendance will be marked with the help of face recognition. There is no need to show the ID card to the guard. Thus greatly reducing the workload and providing a redundancy-free attendance report. This tech-enabled attendance tracking totally eliminates the manipulation of records too, which is sometimes done due to favoritism.

  • Security Assurance
  • As the child enters the school gate, the parents get a notification that ensures the safety of the child. It gives the much-required assurance to parents. In the same manner at the time of disbursal, a notification will be sent to the parents via SMS or email to let the parents know about the child’s whereabouts.

  • Saves the planet
  • This app from Skugal also makes efforts to save the paper as there is no need to maintain paper/register attendance records. This kind of attendance tracking is surely the green way of education that also sets examples before students.

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