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Our 150th Mahatma Gandhi offering

Explore the various features of our 150th mahatma gandhi.

The movement of Satyagraha

Gandhi did not have the luxury to enjoy his childhood since he was a poor peasant from champaran. Later in his life he came across Rajkumar Shukla, who provided him the platform to test the power of Satyagraha on Indian Soil.

Leads for Non-cooperation

Gandhi was imprisoned several times, because of his pursuit of non-cooperation and under went many 'fasts' to protest against the hipocracy of the british Raj and opression of the down trodden in India.

Civil Disobedience

Not only in India but Gandhi also invented the technique of mass-Civil disobedience in South Africa, which were later emulated in India and Across the world.

Remarkable legacy

Mahatma Gandhi and made him immortal who left an indelible legacy to the mankind –‘My life is my Message’.

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