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Skugal, a leading organization in providing School Management software to schools and colleges for a better management of their large scale administration, finances, paper work, daily assignments and home works etc.

Skugal has now ventured into the arena of helping schools in E-books. The collections of e-books provided by Skugal are the best and have the latest edition of syllabus for all classes.

This article would talk about Science books for LKG to 5th std. Skugal’s e-book app store has the best children’s science and nature books.

The question that arises is why should you choose Skugal’s science books for your school??

The answer to that is Skugal has the best children’s science and nature books which are explained in an extremely easy, innovative and good fashion. Every diagram in the science books is accompanied by a video and audio clipping for children to have a practical and better understanding of what exactly is supposed to happen. For example, the metamorphosis of a butterfly is explained in these e-books through real-time videos of how a caterpillar makes a cocoon for itself from the mulberry bush leaves and eventually breaks the cocoon to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Teachers can also avail access to these e-books where they can keep themselves updated with the latest inventions and discoveries from the article section of the e-book so that they can teach their children a little outside from the book.

Videos like these get ingrained in a student’s mind and they can never forget it again. It covers up their syllabus and doesn’t even make them feel that the course is overburdening them.

In the same way, the formation of volcanoes and mountains is easily explained in Skugal’s science e-books through interactive diagrams, videos and animations as well.

The skugal e-book also comes in handy for the teachers since now with live videos, they can easily explain everything to the class without even preparing notes because the explanation is super easy.

Even for human body organs, showing students in a colorful manner, makes the subject super interesting and igniting the quest to learn more. Install the Skugal e-book app now!!

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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