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Know Number Books For LKG To 1

A lot of times, students feel that learning starts in the morning and ends in afternoon when school gets over.

Skugal, the best enterprise in managing school management software for schools and colleges like iprofiling, inotify, iattendance etc. now has ventured into the arena of providing e-books to schools for a better and interactive learning experience for kids.

E-books help to reduce the baggage burden on students and also mental pressure. Skugal’s e-books are available in the most interactive and fun manner, which makes learning all the more interesting.

This is perhaps the best book for knowing our numbers, since it’s a number book for kids. The numbers in this book are explained in the most attractive manner, in an animated manner!! Gone are the days when kids had to read the big thick books, reading just huge numbers on a hardcover paperback. This number book for kids has coloring and fun activities to learn and also to memorize the numbers in an easy manner. It has joining the numbers technique, draw and erase the numbers technique in

various different colors to help number memorization for kids, teaching kids numbers in a story telling art form and other methods through which they can learn numbers easily and efficiently.

Teachers also benefit greatly from this mathematics e-book for classes LKG to 1. It saves a lot of time for teachers, since the teachers don’t have to come up with innovative ideas each time for teaching numbers to their toddlers and also the online books to read available on Skugal’s website helps teachers enrich their knowledge on how to engage their students without forcing them to study.

With e-books, students wouldn’t be burdened with the pressure of studying at such a young age and it helps the planet as well to not cut trees and make thousands of books.

Even parents can keep a tab about their child’s books and what is kind of education is he/ she being imparted to. Therefore, install the Skugal E-book app for the best learning experience!

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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