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Skugal Transport Management System

Manage driver and their correspoding routes of the school.

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SkuGal Transport Management System

The SkuGal ERP is facilitated with a Transport Management System which helps handle the transportation system and taking care of the student’s safety with efficiency and ease. This is a cloud-based system fortified with modern age technologies like Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time tracking of a school-bus and a student, to be in touch and updated with student's movement outside the premises. The use of intelligence with technology enables to track Movement of students and live locations without the use of GPS devices.

"The innovative features are embedded to make life safe, smooth and stress-free for students, parents, and management."

Manage to reach schools and home safely and on time is the most important part of a student’s life. Use of Transport Management System enables schools to function in smart ways that are efficient and saving time, money and other resources. it is important to make every effort to care for the most precious and vulnerable asset of the school, Equipped with an organized school transport system is always helpful to both students and the management as it can help to cope with and bring an efficient academic experience

Transport Management System is an intelligent tool to resolve many transport-related issues like managing drivers, vehicles, routes, pick-up and drop points, timing, number of students per vehicle, transportation for special visits or events, etc.

Benefits of Managing the Transport using Skugal

Skugal transport management system enables the school admin to efficiently manage the transportation fleet. The Skugal Transport manages information such as vehicle numbers, driver details, and helps to handle details such as which vehicle bearing what number has been assigned to who on a day-to-day basis making it safe and secure. The advantages of using the SkuGal transport management system are more than just safety. Here are some of the highlighting features which make it unique, cool and class apart:

  • Exact Scheduling:-Notify the parents about the exact pick-up and drop. This ensures the availability of the parents and saves time. Automatic update and notification in case of an emergency or any change in the schedule to keep parents informed.
  • Real-time location tracking:- One of the most amazing utility is to provide real-time tracking of transport movement without using the GPS device. Students do not require to carry any digital device. The driver smartphone is being used as a device for tracking the vehicle movement. Live location tracking provides an extra sense of security and peace of mind while students are on the go.
  • No one left behind:- This smart feature ensures the presence of all the students in dropping, those who availed the transport in morning pickup. Attendance is taken on just a click and AI-based face recognition technology to ensure that all students boarded the bus.
  • Easy maintenance of transport record:- A user-friendly interface provides easy maintenance of transport records. Complete driver and route information can be maintained, updated and retrieve anytime using the Cloud storage, This assures seamless handling of the transport system within the school.
  • Improved Route handling:- Schools can allocate buses on various routes in an efficient manner to make sure the even distribution of students with lesser travel time. Routes can be edited and created easily as per requirement. Better route management results in saving fuel and time and makes Skugal a cost-effective tool.

With the Skugal transport management system, schools not only function more effectively but also work towards creating a safer transportation system for their students.

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