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SkuGal Fee Management System

Collection and management of fee is a critical task for the school to manage. Fee Management is an important task that a school needs to do regularly. Fee collection is a complex procedural structure for every student and every class is different.

The fee Management system is a module of the management system that deals with the detailed report of fee payment, late fee, duration of the fee paid.

Undoubtedly fee management is one of the most crucial tasks that are done by a school on a regular and routine basis. With the help of a fee management system, the school can keep complete track of the fees paid by the students.

Earlier such systems were quite mismanaged and error-prone too. with lots of manual efforts involved. School administration has to keep track of student’s fee records manually and also maintain the data with lots of manual paperwork. Sending notification to only those parents whose fees were not deposited was a big challenge. This has given rise to implement the automated system with accuracy and speed.

Skugal online fees management system is an integrated system that helps in sending notifications for dues, maintaining fee records, issue receipts and generate and maintain reports. Skugal is an advanced next-gen cloud-based ERP equipped with smartly integrated features using new technologies like AI and virtual reality. This makes life a lot more convenient, easier and free of paper as well.

Skugal Fees Management system provides an automated, highly adaptable and comprehensive solution to automate fees scheduling, collection & reporting process for the schools with technological advancement. The fees management system is seamlessly integrated with Skugal School ERP as a perfect solution for fees management.

“Fees Management allows you to:”

  • Send Automatic Reminders
    Send fee due alerts via push notifications to only those parents who have not paid the due fees till then. Also send a message of confirmation once the fee is paid, keeping parents informed.
  • Online Fees Management
    Skugal fees management solution is equipped with a highly secure online payment gateway system. Auto Calculation of quarterly fee along with transport fee and late fee charges etc without any manual input or calculations. No accounting expertise is expected to maintain financial records. A complete online , Realtime data handling.
  • Class wise access to data
    Class teacher and administration can access class wise fee details to keep a track of pending dues.
  • Ease for parents
    A very user-friendly interface. Parents get notification/ reminders related to dues and can pay fees online either through a highly secured payment gateway or by cash/ cheque. Fee receipts can be viewed and downloaded anytime with just a click.
  • Real-time Analytics
    School administration has Instant access to real-time fees due, fees paid and payment details with customized reports & analytics.
  • Reduce Delays
    Reduce delay in fees collection by providing quick reminders and flexible fees payment facility with multiple payment options for parents.
  • Error-free
    Fee collection is dealt with finances. This advance technology-driven system makes fees collection error-free as there is a minimal manual intervention. A transparent system with no duplicity and fraudulence as the history of previous transactions can be retrieved on a single click.
  • Save Time
    Quick and automated process for fee collection and record handling. Encouraging timely fee collection.
  • Secure & Safe
    Skugal fee management system is Cloud-based system for Secure data storage and retrieval with 100% backup to ensure data security and easy access for all stakeholders.

  • Technology is supposed to make human lives easier and systems such as Skugal Fees Management are a perfect example of the same.

    Key Features of the Fee Management System

  • On Regular basis fee management.
  • Fast and Less Time-consuming process of fee collection.
  • The previous history of payment can be retrieved on a single click.
  • It deals with all the accounting information.
  • Provide transparency on the money flow.
  • Keep the parents and students informed about the fee date to pay on time, real-time notification.
  • Cloud-based fee management to keep backup of the payment done previously.
  • Points definition.
  • Create daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly fee collection reports and the school accounts.
  • No Fraudulence, as even edited or deleted fee accounts can be retrieved.
  • Fee Management System is user-friendly. Even no knowledge of accounts is required to create receipt online.
  • No manual records or calculations for a fee need to be kept

  • The fee management system calculates the fee of every student of each class without any error.And Generate fee collection status for each student or all students with a single click.”

    The cloud-based fee management system provides fast and automatic backup and online/offline synchronization of data for access to academic data. SkuGal Fee management System is the best system in maintaining the fees.

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