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Skugal Send Messages

There is no existing communication medium between parents and teachers with a student being the only link between them. Parents and students get one or two days in a whole academic year as Parent-Teacher meeting days.

And parents have to wait for months to get personal inputs from a teacher about the progress of their child and teachers rarely get to receive feedbacks from parents that can help them understand and help their students in a better way. This communication gap goes on to hurt the academic growth of a student. Using Skugal Send Message features,teacher can now send and receive messages from parents.

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Send Message Features

There are various other features of Send Message which are listed below


Direct Communication

Teachers can now send and receive messages from parents directly through their app making it easier than ever to create a communication network.

parents teacher meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings

With Send Message, everyday can be Parent-Teacher Meeting. Parents can easily contact teachers about the progress of their child and teachers can get feedback from parents.


Bridge between Teachers and Parents

So far, students have been the only link between parents and teachers. With send message feature, there’s a communication bridge that has been established between them.


Get real-time notifications

Each time a teacher sends a message, a parent gets notified instantly on theirSkugal Parent app. In case a parent does not have the app, the message is sent on the phone via SMS.


Skugal Send Message features

This feature helps teachers and parents stay connected. It establishes a mode of communication between parents and teachers. With the help of iClass, teachers can make sure they can communicate with parents and provide them insights about the performance of their child in class so that parents can try to help their child at home and become a better student overall.

Teachers can find it much easier to contact parents and don’t need to wait for the next Parent-Teacher Meeting to relay any important information about a student. Skugal understood that a link between parents and teachers is really important since a student’s growth is not limited to the classroom or their home but a continuous process at both these places and hence came up with this feature to help parents and teachers.

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