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Skugal Schedule

Teachers have a hard time trying to inform multiple students and their parents about important news such as exam date-sheet. There’s always a set of students who fail to understand and end up misinterpreting the information.

Some students don’t pay attention when any important information is announced and when parents eventually find out, a teacher gets blamed for not informing them sooner. This dependency of a teacher on a student to relay important information creates inefficiency and delay Using the Schedule feature of Skugal ERP, a teacher can create a schedule that announces exam and test related information which is immediately shared with parents.

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Skugal Schedule Features

There are various other features of schedule which are listed below


Notify Parents

Notification of every scheduled test and examination is sent to parents on their Skugal Parent app or an SMS is sent if they don’t have the mobile app.

unit test

Schedule unit tests

As soon as a unit gets completed, a teacher can schedule a unit test so that parents can make sure their child is ready for the unit test.


Provide examination date-sheet

Teachers can provide examination date-sheet to parents so that they can prepare their child for upcoming exams.


Schedule internal assessments

Internals and practical dates can also be provided by the teacher to parents.

class test

Schedule regular class tests

Periodic class tests can be scheduled in advance which helps students be well prepared for them.


Provide study material for tests

Teachers can also inform parents about sources that can be used to study for the upcoming tests and exams such as providing Wikipedia links. They can also send study topics by sharing the URL of the website


Skugal Schedule features

Through the Schedule feature, a teacher can create a structure of how and when the tests and exams would be taken, making it easier than ever for students to prepare themselves. A parent can use this information to make sure their child prepares well for the scheduled tests, internals or exams.

This way, parents also know which tests and exams are upcoming and can keep a track of how their child is performing. The schedule created by a teacher can highlight to a parent how their child is being taught and assure them that the teachers are continuously working on helping your child prepare for the examinations.

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