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Skugal Gallery

A lot of school events and extra-curricular activities take place in a school. There are competitions that bring out the skills, talent and passion of students to win and showcase their ability to perform and help teachers and parents figure out the potential students have.

It can be quite a moment of pride for parents to see their child perform on stage. Not all parents are lucky enough to experience that though. For some parents it’s extremely hard to get the time off work to attend school events and be there but with iClass, teachers have a gallery feature that lets them upload and share photos of those events with parents.

cloud based

Skugal Gallary Features

There are various other features of Gallary which are listed below


Event Photos

Teachers can upload images of events and categorize them through albums for each event.

 easy upload photes

Easy photo upload

To make it convenient for teachers, they can upload a photo right from gallery or take a photo and upload it.

cloud storage

Cloud storage

iClass is cloud-based. All the pictures are safely stored and backed up on the cloud.



Only the teacher who uploads the pictures can view those pictures. Any other teacher cannot view or edit those images.


Restricted Access

The images can only be accessed by the school, the teacher who uploaded those images and parents of students in that class.


Skugal Gallery features

Skugal understands how heartbreaking it can be for a parent to miss out on seeing their child perform live in school and be there to support, cheer and motivate them. A lot of parents fail to find time for school events and don’t even get to see pictures of their child performing since the pictures that do get taken by school is for their school brochure or school magazines

There’s no sort of way for parents to get a hold of those pictures but due to Skugal, parents can easily view photos of each school or class activity their child has taken part in. Even when parents can’t show up for these events, Skugal makes sure they don’t miss out on anything.

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