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Skugal Class Results

When a school has to announce examination results, they have to set a date, dismiss classes and regular office work on that day since parents have to come to the school to see the examination results of their child and talk to teachers about how their child did in the exams.

Some parents cannot show up on that day if it clashes with a crucial business meeting they cannot reschedule or skip or maybe they won’t be in the city on that day. Also, If all the parents are supposed to come and see the result and talk to a teacher on a single day, it can pretty hectic for a teacher and frustrating for some parents who need more time to discuss something with a teacher.

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Skugal Results Features

There are various other features of Results which are listed below


Student Results

Teachers can upload examination results of students and track their academic progress easily.


Add Custom Remarks

Teachers can add their own customized remarks about a student’s result to highlight areas of weakness and ways to improve them.


Share result with Parents

Teachers link the result with Student Profile. Every parent can view their child’s student profile and the exam result with feedback from teachers.


Get notified instantly

As soon as the examination result gets uploaded, parents get notified. Skugal makes sure parents get an SMS in case they don’t have theSkugal Parent app


Skugal Class Result features

With this feature of iClass, teachers can know ensure that parents get the examination result of their child instantly on their mobile app or as an SMS. This helps school, teacher and parents to save a lot of time as they don’t have to dedicate a day solely for announcing results anymore.

It makes announcing result hassle-free for the school and saves a teacher from the stress of attending so many parents in a single day and makes it more convenient for parents to know the result of their child and get input from teachers without travelling all the way to the school.

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