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Skugal Calendar

There are a lot of events that take place in a school. Teachers can find it quite troublesome to complete the work in time, if there’s no organization of tasks they have to complete

It can also be stressful to keep up with the deadlines of each event if teachers don’t plan their month accordingly. Calendar lets a teacher create , edit and view class and school related events so that they can manage their time and work properly. There are various other features of calendar which are listed below.

cloud based

Calender Features

There are various other features of calendar

Tagged Events

Tagged Events

Each day has events tagged to them to create organized calendars.

In-app reminders and notifications

Teachers receive in-app notifications about holidays with greetings (such as Happy Independence Day).


Always stay updated

Teachers get notified about school events and receive notifications about holidays through an SMS if they don’t have Skugal Teacher app


Skugal Calendar Features

Calendar has each day with events tagged on them which helps teachers organize their work and stay updated about school events. Calendar also informs a teacher about festive holidays and provides brief information about the festival.

With Calendar, a teacher can properly manage their time and ensure that all their pending work gets completed on time and that they’re on track to completing the syllabus of students on time. Calendar is an important time management feature that helps every teacher to work in an organized manner so that they can increase their level of efficiency.

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