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A lot of times, students feel that learning starts in the morning and ends in afternoon when school gets over.

The importance of books cannot be stressed enough upon. They help in imparting knowledge and shape a child’s personality. In this modern world, books are slowly losing their value. The use of digital means are shifting the focus from physical sources of knowledge and it’s resulting in inefficiency of schools to keep studies a fun process for students and creating problems in terms of ensuring that students take books seriously. Teachers can use iClass feature to share books online with their students in different supported formats to make it easier for teachers to keep the learning process interesting for students of this modern generation.

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Skugal Books Features

There are various other features of books

Share Free e-Books

Share Free e-Books

Teachers can also upload e-books and share them for free with the students.


Upload PDF files

Books in .pdf format can also be uploaded by teachers to provide them to students.

google books

Google books

Teachers can share Google Books with their students. Google Books have a wide range of books in various categories.

always be in the loop

Always be in the loop

If parents don’t have the app, they still get notified about the shared books via an SMS with a URL link to the online book.


Upload .EPUB Books

Books can be uploaded in common e-book formats such as .EPUB so that it is easier to open and read the ebooks.


Skugal Books Features

The use of online books can really help teachers in adjusting to changing times and use it to their benefit to maximize the academic growth of a student. The supported formats along with integrating a popular book store such as Google Books makes it convenient for teachers to share books with their students. Parents can also stay know which books are being recommended by the teachers and ensure that their child reads them.

Skugalknows that it is crucial in this technology-driven world for education to integrate itself with it. That’s what Skugal is trying to achieve and with such features, Skugal is tremendously helping schools, teachers and parents to stay connected with and figure out ways to impart knowledge to kids of today.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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