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A world class solution that help parents to stay updated and informed about their child’s progress. We helps teachers to reduce their paper work and eliminate all unnecessary work load. We bring everything together to make school life easier and better !

Why is child security and continuous academic update essential ?

Our education system is constantly evolving, the School authorities are engaged in a variety of day-to-day academic and co-curricular activities in order to provide the students with a better academic experience. Loads of activities and sessions which take place in the school require to be communicated to the parents as well because they play a crucial part in the child's education and overall growth. To be precise they are continuously involved in it. That is why it becomes important to keep them updated and notified about the progress of their child.

If we look at the studies done on parents of school going kids, it brings into light the fact that the parents are constantly worried and tensed till the child reaches home. If the child uses the school transport system then this tension multiplies. The School has to take a number of measures to ensure that the child remains safe in school and while they are using the school transport. A regular update on the child’s academic progress and security is very essential for parents to restore their faith and trust in the school.

How can we achieve this ?

Earlier schools had to conduct parent-teacher meetings to keep the parents updated about the academic performance of their children. The meetings took place after every 3 months and this gap was huge for the parents as they wanted regular updates of their child. Many parents find parent teacher meetings extremely time consuming and many of them faced trouble attending meetings because of their busy work schedule.

Teachers make use of school diary to let the parents know about important dates and events which sometimes get missed by the parents. Successful maintenance and keeping a track of school administrative activities isn’t an easy process. It requires lot of work and devotion. But thanks to our technology driven world and its new and automated ways of storing and communicating information, the curriculum and the education system has got a brand new structure.

The Student Management Systems are a one stop solution to all the requirements a school works on and what the parents expect. Right from admission, examination, assessments to attendance and fee collection, everything is available on such progressive systems.

How Skugal can help ?

Skugal believes that a strong and regular communication between the school and parents is essential for a progressive child. The key for improving the child’s academic performance is keep the parents updated about the child’s academic and co curricular activities in school. That is why our efficient school management system with its superb features creates a transparent ecosystem.


The attendance of the child is updated every day. This feature eliminates the need of manual marking of attendance and saves a lot of time and efforts of teachers. The holidays are marked making it easier for parents to note the days of absence and attendance.


This feature takes the stress away from parents of children using school transport. The messaging system let the parents’ know when the child boards the bus and when he/she gets down. This is a great security feature of live tracking the child’s location. The teachers also get notified when the child boards the bus and when they arrive at their destination.


Using this feature parents are notified about any new development or any change in the school. The notifications could be regarding fee amendments, uniform changes, special events, etc.


It becomes easy to update and manage your child’s profile and information under this feature. The school can save a lot of work and paper too by accessing everything they need.


An easy to manage fee payment feature that doesn’t require you to stand in long queues for fee payments. The secure payment gateway makes the transactions completely safe.


This helps the students, parents and teachers connect and share tips and guidance to improve. The teacher provides assistance and reviews after tests and assessments.


Skugal aims to empower the schools, parents and students with its school management system. A world class solution that help parents to stay updated and informed about their child’s progress. We helps teachers to reduce their paper work and eliminate all unnecessary work load. We bring everything together to make school life easier and better.

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