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Time to get rid of old registers
in the store room.

The school doesn’t have to keep manual records anymore with
automated data entry keeping accurate school records safely on cloud

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School Management Software

The existing technology in education sector has its own limitations and does rely on human intervention more than it should. The use of manual data entries and the tireless attempts of keeping track of old registers. These physical records are susceptible to accidents such as fires or can get damaged by rodents. Not to mention, even if all this can be avoided, the risk of human errors is always there likes accounting mistakes and spelling errors. There’s a need for school management software that isn’t just digitalizing records but actually eliminates workload in terms of data entry and brings human intervention to bare minimum. Skugal’s cloud-based ERP facilitates the use of paperless data management with data security and real-time updates.

cloud based

Skugal No Data Entry Features

See the benefits of automated data entry below

no need for register any more

No need of registers anymore

Skugal eliminates the need of manual data entry and maintenance of old registers.

no no_need_of_registers_anymore

Accurate and foolproof

Skugal’s automatic data entry is also accurate and not prone to human errors such as ineffectiveness, mistake in data entry, losing important data, etc.


Automatic attendance record

Parents get notified about given assignments on their mobile app (Skugal Parent)if they have it.


Automatic iProfiling data entries

It saves teachers a lot of time through iAttendance which totally eliminates data entry by automatically updating attendance records


Skugal No Data Entry Features

Skugal ERP allows management to update information and keep a track of school records easily. Since Skugal ERP is cloud-based, the data gets updated in real-time and it provides data security to the management. Not to mention, with Skugal ERP, there is no need for manual data entry anymore.

Skugal ERP uses AI in such a way that the school doesn’t have to worry about data entry of any student. Skugal ERP is used to create Student profiles that are constantly updated and with ease by teachers that totally remove the school management from the equation in terms of data entry and management too with Skugal ERP keeping the data secure on the cloud. Time is money these days. Skugal offers its services at reasonable prices with its incredible ability to eliminate data entry, saving you a lot of time.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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