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School Management Software

These days, we have many educational institutions that are spread throughout the country and have multiple schools or colleges within a state and even a city.

These academic organizations require a system of management that can help them administer different schools that are operating under them. There is also a need for a way to decentralize these roles and assign these schools to different people who can manage them for the main organization. Not only this, it is also important to create data security and privacy when these roles are assigned. All of this can be facilitated by Skugal ERP. Here are the features that can be used to attain this:

cloud based

Multi user roles Features

There are various other features of multi user roles which are listed below


Multi-User Roles

A user can have access to one or more schools and can manage them.


Selective roles

The institution can decide which users have access to which schools.



The institution acts as a super admin who has access to all the schools and can manage access of other users.


Data privacy

Selective roles maintain data privacy by restricting access to other schools.


Assign multiple schools

An institution can assign one or more schools to a user. can keep a track of how their child is doing in class.


Skugal Multi user roles Features

Skugal has created this feature to make it easier for such organizations to distribute workload and make it easier to manage the multiple schools that they run. Not only these organizations, this feature can also come in handy for just a single school that has more than one person in the management team and it can help them grant access to multiple users so that work can be done quicker and more efficiently.

All of this highlights that we’re constantly working on creating features that serve more than just one purpose to more than just one set of people.

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