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School Management Software

Having a tracking system is important for the management to control transportation and provide assurance of children’s safety to parents. It’s the primary responsibility of any school to ensure that the students get home safe.

It is also necessary to make sure that the school has total control over how transportation functions. iTracking allows a school to provide assurance of its students’ safety and also lets the school keep a track of where its drivers are, what speed they’re travelling at, assigned route and estimated time of arrival.

cloud based

Skugal iTracking Features

Here are a few features of iTracking which make it unique

no_need for gps

No need of GPS

Skugal tracks the live location of school buses without any need of additional hardware such as a GPS device being installed.


No maintenance cost

GPS devices are high-maintenance and hence, Skugal saves installation and maintenance costs as well while delivering accurate location.

list of driver

List of drivers

A complete list of drivers is shown on the transportation tab for easy access to information on any driver and trip-related info.

list of driver

View traffic

View traffic option lets you view the real-time location of the school bus and how the traffic is on the route of any driver.


No need for student app

Students do not need a phone for iTracking to work. iTracking tracks students using the Skugal Driver app provided to drivers.


Skugal iTracking features

The importance of a bus tracking feature cannot be undermined. The ability to track a student without creating an application to facilitate that and at the same time, eliminating the use of additional hardware such as a GPS device is what sets Skugal apart. The brilliant use of cloud along with Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time tracking of a school-bus and a student, using technology to remove stress, making life of management easier by providing cost-effective means really shows how innovative Skugal has been in its use of technology.

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