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The whole purpose of such advances in technology has been to bring the world closer and so that we always feel connected and updated about what’s going on in the lives of those we care about.

For a school, it is vital to have a system of communication that can easily convey information to all the parents. With iNotify, a school can send updates to parents about an upcoming holiday or state the closing of the school on a particular day and provide a reason for it. This allows a school to relay information on a grander scale since they have a lot of students and twice as many parents to inform about any news or update.

cloud based

Skugal iNotify Features

Learn more about iNotify and its features below:


Send notifications right from the dashboard

Inform all the parents from a class of your choice about any school event or holiday.


Add remarks

iManage can be used to add remarks about performance of a student so that parents can keep a track of how their child is doing in class.

parent application

View parent applications

If a student is sick or out of town, a parent can submit applications that states the student’s absence and these applications can be seen by the teacher using iManage

work offline

Work offline

A teacher can work on iManage without the need of an internet connection. As soon as the app detects an internet connection, it syncs the update to notify parents about assignments and remarks.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications

The parents are notified as soon an assignment is given or a remark about a student’s performance is added making it easier for teachers to inform parents.


Skugal iNotify features

Skugal reduces the costs of a school in terms of management without dropping the level of quality, making Skugal an ideal choice for school management ERP With individual assignments to each student, students can spend their time completing assignments that are specifically assigned to help them get better at subjects they’re weak in, thus strengthening each student. iManage lets parents know what assignment their child has been given so that they can help out, they can also send applications to teachers that state the absence of their child due to any urgent issues such as health. With this effective feature at disposal, teachers are more effective in dealing with students and parents which invariably saves a school time. Parents also don’t have to visit the school that often. It also helps teachers save time by easily managing students of their class. All in all, iManage is the perfect tool for a teacher to help all of their students.

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