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Skugal Feedback System

Give performance feedback to parents about the students so that students can improve and grow.

Feedback is an extremely crucial aspect of growth. A student, a parent, a teacher, a school and the society as whole can constantly work on becoming the best version of themselves, if the people they’re surrounded with provide them with feedback that can point out their strengths and areas that require improvement. Feedback doesn’t necessarily have to be positive or negative, as long as it is constructive criticism, it can help students improve their performance and work harder. Here’s how Skugal helps facilitate performance feedback:

Skugal Provides various Feedback Features

◙ Provide exam results with custom remarks

School and teachers can provide exam results with remarks that can help parents figure out what went right or wrong in the exam for their child.

◙ Give performance feedback

Feedback about how the student generally performs in classes in terms of homework and comprehension and his/her level of attention and focus in class.

◙ Give subject-wise rating

Give a rating from 0-5 stars to evaluate performance in each subject and indicate areas of strengths and weaknesses.

◙ Send direct message to parents

Directly communicate with parents to provide specific feedback about a student that can help in coming up with a unique solution

Skugal has developed this various features because we realize the role positive feedback can play in shaping the future of a student and it can motivate students to become better at what they do, figure out what they’re passionate about and work harder than before if they’re given the right feedback.

What a teacher says or what a parent says can deeply affect a student and that’s why it’s a necessity to create a form of communication between parents and teachers so that together, they can be on the same wavelength to provide positive feedback.

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