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It is quite a task for teachers to take attendance and manage records. It is even problematic with students using a manual attendance marking process is very tedious and time-consuming. Every teacher has to spend about one-fifth of the class duration, marking attendance alone. This leads to a loss of precious class time.

A manual system is always prone to human errors. This process might lead to mismarked attendance that reduces the overall accuracy of the system. Quite often, students tend to skip classes and one of their friends calls out fake attendance for their friends. What’s more, a student could also leave class after marking their attendance, making the whole process of attendance management ineffective.

Skugal is introducing iAttendance to tackle all these issues and help teachers take attendance in a flash.

Skugal iAttendance Features

Have a look at the various features of iAttendance
real time
Artificial Intelligence

iAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence to smartly and quickly take attendance of all the students in a matter of seconds.

real time
Attendance record updated in real-time

You can see the attendance record of each student get updated in real-time on the ERP dashboard.

add student
Add students easily

It is incredibly easy to add new students to a class using iAttendance.

Manage attendance record

View complete attendance record of every student month-wise and manage the attendance record.

Skugal Attendance Features

Attendance feature of ERP allows a school to view the attendance record of all the students in a class in real-time. They can see the complete attendance detail on any student (month-wise) and easily manage the attendance records from there. This allows a school to have complete control and an overlook over attendance management. The ability of iAttendance to ensure no student can call out fake attendance for students who are absent helps a school obtain accurate attendance records. Not only does iAttendance save time, it also helps teachers start the class on the right note which improves the efficiency of students and teachers.

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