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Skugal Parents (6)

What is Skugal Parent?
Skugal Parent is a mobile application made specifically for parents to provide various features of Skugal such as tracking location and viewing academic progress of their child.
Why is there a need for Skugal Parent?
Parents are worried a lot about their child’s safety these days and some parents can’t find the time to attend parent-teacher meetings and involve themselves in the process of their child’s education.
Why should parents choose Skugal?
Skugal helps parents be more involved in their child’s education and provides real-time location updates about their child and provides features that actively involves them in the academic journey of their child.
What are the features of Skugal Parent?
Skugal Parent app lets parents view their child’s student profile that has various information such as attendance record, examination results, custom remarks etc. It also provides location updates in real-time. Through the app, parents can receive important updates regarding fee payment, class assignments and upcoming examinations.
What is the subscription fee for Skugal Parent?
Parents can avail subscription to Skugal Parent atRs. 399 per year only
How does Skugal Parent app help Teachers?
Teachers can inform parents about upcoming tests, show examination results with custom remarks and much more which the parents can see using Skugal Parent.
Why Skugal Parent app different from other similar apps?
Unique features like iProfiling (that have never existed before), to help parents understand their child better and to communicate with teachers, create a better society.
Does Skugal Parent help parents communicate with teachers?
With Skugal Parent, parents no longer have to wait for parent-teacher meetings anymore. They can be more involved and can communicate with teachers easily to get remarks on their child’s progress and suggestions that can help their child perform better in school.

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