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Skugal Market Place (6)

What is Market Place?
Skugal’s Market Place is made for parents so that they can buy all sorts of school items that their child would need in school.
What sort of items can you buy at Market Place?
A parent can buy uniforms, schoolbags, books, water-bottles and many other school accessories.
What makes Market Place unique?
Not only does Market Place provide every item related to school, it also uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze exactly what the parent requires for their child which is based on the information from the student’s profile such as age, gender and the class they study in. This information is used to recommend products to parents.
How does Market Place benefit school?
A lot of schools also invest in providing the school uniforms and other accessories themselves. Skugal’s Market Place helps them avoid such investments as Market Place provides all the necessary items on its online store.
How does Market place help students?
It provides students with tutorials, assignments, test series and info-graphics that help simplify complicated topics. Market Place provides all of this for free to every parent so that students can improve in subjects they’re weak in.
What differentiates Market Place from other similar apps?
Market Place is integrated with iProfiling and uses the data from iProfiling (student behavior, performance in subjects, etc.) to recommend study materials for each student that can help parents a lot in identifying which tutorials and test series to use for their child.

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