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Skugal iPayment (10)

What is iPayment?
iPayment is a feature to facilitate any sort of payment made through Skugal.
Why is iPayment important?
It is crucial to provide a safe payment portal so that sensitive information such as credit card number is not vulnerable to hackers.
How does iPayment work?
iPayment lets you pay through a safe and secure gateway so that your personal information is safe and the transaction happens smoothly.
How does iPayment benefit the school?
Schools can find fee collection and its record a much simpler task with iPayment. It eliminates the link of physical banks between parents and schools and lets parents pay fees with ease which invariably benefits the school in collecting fee without problems such as an error made by the bank while processing fee payment.
How does iPayment eliminate time consumption?
Parents no longer have to wait in lines at the bank or school to pay the fees of their child. They can simply do it by using iPayment right in the comfort of their homes.
How does iPayment eliminate the need to manage fee slips and other documents?
Parents are required to obtain school fee slip provided by the bank and travel all the way to the school and submit it just to confirm fee has been paid. Not only this, they have to manage fee slips and other documents which might get lost and complicate fee payment. With iPayment, there is no need to travel to bank or the school and certainly no need of any physical fee slip.
How can iPayment help school inform parents about fee payment?
They can send SMS to parents, reminding them of their child’s fee due dates, aiding the school authorities to keep a check of fee records through iPayment.
Can iPayment be used for collecting fines from student as well?
TiPayment also helps in collection of fine from students if required without any hassle aiding the school authorities an easy financial management.
Does iPayment eliminate the need of paperwork?
iPayment reminds the students and parents for fees and saves a lot of paper work like fee receipt and bills. Everything is shown on the Student Profile; Day, date, month and year wise so that there’s no longer a need for paperwork.
Can iPayment be used to manage salaries of school’s employees?
iPayment also helps in transferring the stipulated monthly salary to the school’s working staff like teachers, helpers, drivers, lab assistants and office staff on time to their respective bank accounts without any sort of hassle.

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