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A teacher not only has to manage many students in a class but they also have to manage multiple classes too. There’s a need to provide a dashboard to teachers that can easily let them switch between different classes. Not only that, there’s also a need for a feature that teachers can use to manage the whole class at once.

How does iClass work?
iClass lets teachers give assignments, tests, study material, inform parents about which book to send with their child, manage results with the option to add custom remarks for any student.
What makes iClass unique?
Unlike other class management applications, Skugal’s iClass provides the ability to switch between classes at will and iClass uses Artificial Intelligence.
How does iClass benefit schools?
With features such as iClass at disposal, schools can equip their teachers to manage their classes and students with more effectiveness and hence, producing better results. This helps schools get the best out of their teachers.
How does iClass help teachers in informing students and parents about holidays?
iClass can be used by teachers not only to pass information related to acedemics, they can also use it announce holidays and days of absence by the teacher.
Can iClass be used to provide more information about school events to parents?
iClass can be used by teachers to create a gallery that features pictures from a school’s various festive events and curricular activities that can be viewed by parents.
Can iClass be used to create an organized system of class management?
Using iClass, teachers can create an event calendar that provides information to parents and informs them about scheduled class tests and assignment deadlines and also indicates an estimated date of when the syllabus would be completed. This helps teachers go about with teaching in an organized and effective manner and parents can prepare their child for exams accordingly.
Does iClass eliminate the need for parent-teacher meetings?
With iClass, everyday seems like parent-teacher meeting day. iClass establishes a communication medium between parents and teachers. Teachers can send and receive messages from parents. Therefore, eliminating the need to wait for a specific day like parent-teacher meeting.

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