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iAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence to swiftly and smartly take attendance of a class in just a few seconds.

How does iAttendance work?
Skugal ERP is cloud-based and heavily uses Artificial Intelligence for its unique features that provide the school total control over transportation and management of teachers, drivers and students.
How to use iAttendance?
A teacher can use iAttendance through Skugal Teacher app by simply choosing the option to take attendance.
What makes iAttendance unique?
iAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence that uniquely identifies each student so that there are no mistakes such as indentifying a student and also eliminates the possibility of a student getting an absent student’s attendance marked as present.
Does iAttendance eliminate the need to keep manual attendance record?
Yes, iAttendance not only takes attendance, it also maintains an attendance record which is saved safely on the cloud and is constantly updated.
Is iAttendance a fool-proof method for taking attendance?
Yes, unlike other techniques such as RFID which are prone to errors such as a student carrying student ID of multiple students to mark their attendance, iAttendance is totally foolproof and the AI ensures only those present in the class have their attendance marked.
How to set up iAttendance?
Setting up iAttendance is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Teachers have to input basic information, such as student name and roll number, about all the students in the beginning. After which, they never have to input any sort of data.

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