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Skugal ERP (6)

What is Skugal ERP?
Skugal ERP is a school management system that allows an academic institution to manage their organization easily and effectively.
Why do schools need a school management software?
Educational institutes need a school management software to better perform the school administrative activities and to assure parents the real-time progress and security of their children.
What makes Skugal ERP unique?
Skugal ERP is cloud-based and heavily uses Artificial Intelligence for its unique features that provide the school total control over transportation and management of teachers, drivers and students.
What are the pricings for Skugal ERP?
There are two pricing plans for Skugal ERP.
Pricing Plan A has three options: Silver, Gold and Platinum. (GST Inclusive)
Silver Plan is for schools with less than 500 students at Rs. 25/month per student.
Gold Plan is for schools with students between 500-1000 students at Rs. 20/month per student.
Platinum Plan is for schools with more than 1000 students, for exact pricing, please contact sales.
In Pricing Plan B, the school has to pay Rs.4,999/year along with GST (18%) and the parents have to pay Rs.399/ per year (GST inclusive).
How does Skugal ERP make school management easier for educational institutes?
Skugal ERP allows management to update information and keep a track of school records easily. Since Skugal ERP is cloud-based, the data gets updated in real-time and it provides data security to the management. Not to mention, with Skugal ERP, there is no need for manual data entry anymore.
How does Skugal ERP help schools manage the drivers?
With Skugal ERP, management can create and manage routes and assign them to drivers. When on-route, management can know various details such as real-time location of the school bus, speed, assigned route and estimated time of arrival.

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