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Skugal Driver (5)

What is Skugal Driver?
Skugal Driver is a Skugal application that’s assigned to a driver by the school so as to facilitate smooth transportation management.
What are the features of Skugal Driver?
Skugal Driver is used to receive instructions such as which route to take and serves as a GPS device to send real-time location updates to the school and parents.
How does Skugal Driver benefit the school?
Through Skugal Driver, school can easily manage the drivers that work for them by assigning routes, students to pick and it provides detailed information such as ETA, bus speed and real-time bus location so that school has total control over transportation management and can also assure parents about their child’s safety by providing location updates of students.
How does Skugal Driver benefit drivers?
Having the Skugal Driver app makes the job much easier and hassle-free for a driver as they can continue to work professionally without being bothered by calls from parents who worry about their child’s wellbeing. They can easily get instructions from school through the app and can easily find out which route is assigned to them.
How does Skugal Driver benefit parents?
Parents can find out the location of the school bus and how long will it take their child to get home without having to call the driver again and again to find aforementioned details.

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