Skugal iAttendance

iAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence to swiftly and smartly take attendance of a class in just a few seconds.

Skugal iTracking

Having a tracking system is important for the management to control transportation and provide assurance of children’s safety to parents.

Skugal iNotify

It provides notifications to parents to keep them informed about important updates, activities and events so that parents don’t miss out on any crucial information.

Skugal iManage

It’s important that teachers focus on every student and provide individual assignments that can help them. There’s also a need to organize information on students and it is possible through iManage.

Skugal iProfiling

It is crucial to have an accurate and efficient system of data management on students so that any new information on any student is updated in every school record without any human error or delay.

Skugal iPayment

Skugal iClass

A teacher not only has to manage many students in a class but they also have to manage multiple classes too. There’s a need to provide a dashboard to teachers that can easily let them switch between different classes. Not only that, there’s also a need for a feature that teachers can use to manage the whole class at once.

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