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Virtual Reality

The value of a book is priceless in terms of how much they help a student know about something but they cannot always guarantee a student would actually understand what they read in a book.

Sometimes, the most valuable lessons in life aren’t taught, they’re experienced. A lot of students fail to grasp exactly some topics such as how exactly does light travel so that we can see the world for how it is.

To change that and help students understand these topics easily, we’re working on our Virtual Reality courses that would bring school subjects and topics to life to help students understand them easily. Click to see our demo video

The VR courses would make a student feel like they’re actually there to witness the spectacular motion of planets and realize how perfectly synced everything has to be ensure that our world functions properly, how black holes work, eraction. There are lot of changes in the movement due to the visual perspectives.

What wormholes are and exactly how massive our Milky Way galaxy is in this breathtaking universe that is infinite and full of cosmic entities that are full of mysteries, all of this can never be truly understood by reading some paragraphs about it in a book.

Skugal’s VR would bring all the subjects and their topics to life and it would help students understand complex concepts easily through visual representation and sound.

The young students would also get an overview and basic knowledge about so many of these topics. All of this would prepare them for any further knowledge regarding these topics as they keep progressing in their academic life.

We’ve listed below a few of the features that we have planned to roll out in
our SpaceWalk VR Courses.


  • Students can experience right in front of them how it would feel like to witness the colossal celestial bodies called planets orbit the Sun and see the planets up close passing by as they effortlessly revolve on their respective axis to complete their revolutions around the Sun. With just a tap, a student can instantly find themselves landing on that planet and see the atmosphere and walk on the unique terrain of that planet. The use of our VR course would also go a long way to help young students discard the absurd theories such as that of Flat-Earth when they’ll get to see for themselves that there are no so-called edges of the planet and that our planet, like others in the solar system, are spherical in shape.

Moon and Tides

  • The Moon is the one and only natural satellite of our planet and it serves far more significant purposes to our lives than just shine bright in the night. It is vital for the kids to understand how valuable the Moon is in terms of its effect on tides and how it reflects the sunlight to provide us vision at night. All of this can be visualized in our VR course that would show students how the Moon, through its gravitation pull, brings low and high tides in our oceans and give students a better understanding of gravity and how Moon works.

    Through VR, students can also see the Moon orbit our planet and how Lunar Eclipse takes place.

Artificial Satellites

  • Our man-made satellites serve us many purposes such as scientific investigation, military, communications, navigation and Earth observation including weather forecasting. We want students to witness, through our VR courses, and understand the significance of these artificial satellites, without which, our lives wouldn’t be as smooth as they are right now. These courses would put students right in middle of the launch of these satellites in rockets as they reach outer space and detach from the rocket to begin orbiting our planet. Students can see all this happen step-by-step by using Virtual Reality and grasp how complex these processes are.

Light: How it travels and its speed

  • Light is the fastest known entity in the universe. The speed of light is 3x108 m/s. and it takes sunlight 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel 149.6 million kms and reach us. Not only do we want to show students how light travels all the way from the Sun to the Earth, we also want to show the dual nature of light as it behaves both like a particle and a wave. We believe students can understand these complex matters more easily if we present them a visual representation that can show them how light actually acts and travels.

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