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Our Technology & support staff is what makes us different from rest of the School Management Software

Easy Setup

The Skugal ERP apparatus is most novice-friendly and its installation takes barely 30 minutes. It is also provided with technical support on a 24 hour - 7 days a week basis.

Online Classroom

The Skugal ERP app allows interactive sessions to be conducted with the full class in attendance and over a hundred students can participate from wherever they may be.

Fee Management

Skugal ERP has the ability to track fee payments, connect these to past records and forward due reminders, while supplying administration with timely supporting updates.

Skugal ERP : Inbuilt School Management System

Comprehensive tool for effective Distance Learning, it is platform for virtual classes, storage and instant retrieval of vast data resources and many more functions. Does not require additional IT paraphernalia.

Cloud Based ERP

Skugal's interface is powered by a Cloud Based ERP system which helps it maintain manage all your documents.

AI Support

The complete interface is supported by AI technology and grows with your organization.

Skugal Mobile Application Feature

50+ integration that makes your day-to-day workflow smooth and efficient.

Establish an effective communication between school and the parents.

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Our Core Features

Skugal offers a First time to the world technology, that not only helps Schools build up a smooth functioning user interface but also helps them stand out of the crowd.

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